A close observance of a conversation with 3 girls and 1 guy

Hello, so today is my roommates birthday but most importantly …..IT’S ROOKIEFEST!!!!!!!!! And guess who’s NOT going. Me. I’m depressed. Seriously , last time I missed it because I wasn’t into the whole teenage feminist awesome stuff. So yeah I’m crying. She’ll probably have one next year , but, it won’t be the same. And all the Instagram photos. And videos. It’s a sad day for me.

Since its also my roommates birthday, we all went swimming, well not actually. I was 30 minutes late because I was watching an hour of who’s line is it anyway (hat scenes) (yeah it’s on YouTube) (funniest stuff ever) with my other roommate and my new friend Who all call kim, who is a lot like Lili and my last camp friend who I’ll call rosa. You know , fandoms , reading , funny, extremely smart and awkward but in a good way.

Even though, my roommate that i will call mae was almost done swimming with this one guy that I will call Dave and two other girls I will call Rina and Gina . So I awkwardly was walking around the pool while they were talking and swimming. Then everybody got out (realize that I was there for 1 minute and they were there for about half and hour) so I got out too. They were sun tanning but I was wrapped up in my towel. My mom is really worried about skin cancer. And I kind of like being somewhat pale. So they were in there little circle and I closely observed (stalked) them. And I have a few rants (not too long)

1. Dude excuses
Ok , I hate when guys just have an excuse for saying something stupid or dirty. And guess what it is? “We’ll I’m a guy”. Wait what?!?!? The reason why you said something stupid or sexist was because of your gender?!?!? That is no excuse. You don’t see girls saying ” oh I thought you said fart, hehehe well, ya know I’m a girl.” You said that because your a stereotypical asshole, not because your a guy. Are you serious?!?! Really.

2. “Our generation’s music sucks”
Ok , yes I do think so e music from this generation sucks, but not all of it, it’s a harsh statement. I listen to good music from this generation. Actually most of the music I listen to is new. Actually some pop singers are very talented. So you can’t just say that all pop is bad. I do think Ariana grande has an amazing voice. And if beyonce is new music, you can’t hate new ,music. This topics brings me to my next point….

3. Old music is way better (trying to sound all cool but yet names the cheesiest songs and singers)
I’m pretty sure the title explains it , but yeah you can say older music rocks but really, don’t just list a ton of famous songs from back then , and aren’t you the person who hates mainstream things, well guess what that was pretty mainstream back then. I love old rock female singers, their voices are so amazing. As I said before , I like some pop/mainstream stuff, but don’t say “have you ever heard of micheal Jackson ?” And act like no ones ever heard of them. (Also with today’s stuff, someone actually asked me if I have ever heard of imagine dragons like a month ago and p.s I heard of them before perks of being a wallflower and she tried to be all cool and I just stared at her)

4. Face the fact: everyone shows off
Rina said “I don’t like showing off, I never do” C’MON , GET A LIFE . That sentence basically says I’m gonna brag how modest and humble I am. and guess what that is…….SHOWING OFF. everyone shows off, just admit it.

5.no one cares about ur body
I don’t care how much you weigh/ur diet/ur types of abs/ use muscles/how much u work out/ur tan/how u eat so much but weigh so little. Well at least I don’t care, it makes me uncomfortable.

So I left I had enough of that crap so I went back to the dorm, and watched arrested development (yesterday I was on season 2 and now I’m on season 4) .

But then I sat with them for dinner and Dave said ” you know that one girl that stares at you and you just feel sorry about something”.
1. It’s called bitchface
2.its supposed to make you feel bad
But why.
Well obviously your staring at her. If you saw the stare that most like.y mean your looking and her (well actually it’s obvious). So what is she going to do ? Flirt ?wink? Smile? Know she’s going to bitchface you because it’s her body and she is not trying to impress you , so just stop. And also stop complaining (asshole nation)

So yeah , that was my day.

~juli ✌

P.s all the names are fake (except lili ….and mine)


My day and other mushy feelings

So today was like traumatic and weird and sad but also really hyper. So in my class I was posing this rad flaming red oversized jumpsuit and everyone was sketching me and all of a sudden it felt like this huge wave just hit me. This blackness started caving into my eyes and I couldn’t see anything, I had no balance and I was going to throw up. Luckily I didn’t , but I went to the health office ( btw, she had this mini poster of Casey Abrams, yeah that beardy guy from american idol) and I rested on a bed by this poster that said all the differences between the cold and the flu. And I couldn’t stop crying. Then I went to sleep and was all better except that I felt tired, cold, jittery and I was twerking (jk, I mean twitching). The nurse said that I was feeling funky (not in a good way) because I was locking my knees for too long. When I went back to my class we were just to start sketching and researching out inspiration for our mini collection. Dude, mine will be awesome.

I’m really sad because I’m missing rookie fest. I missed it last year and uggghhhhh. I asked tavi a question on one of her Instagram posts and …… SHE ANSWERED. Of course I started freaking out. Then FUN CULT ALSO INSTA-TEXTED ME TOO!!!!!!!!! So then @funcult started following me along with some other really cool young feminist bloggers including @lepinkwitch who has a really awesome blog called http://holographiclouds.blogspot.co,

She’s so cool.

After being really sad and really happy I talked with my sister at dinner and we had a little pity party together and I asked her to model my stuff at the camps fashion show. So that was good. All in all , I need an Advil and a warm fuzzy hug.



Top: my thinking process , all my notes and It was so hard to think what would go on the shirt than after class it just came to me than I’m like duhhhhhh

Bottom: what I hope the finished product will look like except with colors , and I hope it doesn’t look as crappy as my sketch.

Fashion camp blog <<<< check it out

Hey dudes I’m at this fashion design camp in idyllwild ( don’t worry the fire didnt effect anything or anyone) so, our class has its own blog that is actually is pretty big , yesterday we had 200 views and today is more. The costume designer of true blood commented. I really hope you like it. I have only been here since Monday so the first one I’m in is called here they are. Please please please check it out. www.idyllwildfashion.wordpress.com

Thank yous
~ juli

P.s always press continue reading on the blog

Pss. My teacher puts some random fashion stuff on their too

Psss my teacher is the “juicy butt guy” aka said that they should write “juicy” on the butt of the track suits

Pssss I hate the juicy but

Psssss my teacher is cool

Style Saturday : bang’s BFF and vintage shoes of the future

So , hi sorry this is not he right date and its Sunday not Saturday , but I left my hat in the car and now I am at camp in a dorm by myself so yeah….

Having bangs, many hats and headbands can go wrong. Some hats just push your bangs into your eyes and sweat bands are a whole other story, but while walking in topshop , I thought I wasn’t going to by anything than BOOM there it was, the messiah. A bowler hat. It was a speckle gray color, it was mine. A deep friendship grew between me and this hat. Of course, I also had to learn how they would fit together, which is wearing it in the back.



As you can see I’m overly depressed if I wear it like that and the whole world feels gray and yeah……. Don’t do this



As you can tell hear I’m super, hipster, happy, peaceful and super rad looking so yeah…..do this.


There I said it, they will, you know how jelly shoes are all that, crocs will be the new jelly shoes someday. I have pink-ish ones at my house that look like this:


But a lot bigger, so yeah be proud of your crocs . #crocpride

P.s I used vsco cam and probably over edited because I’m not that cool….yet

Flection Friday ; a ton of weird stuff from a week at family camp

So this week I was at family camp , with my family ……

It was pretty fun since I basically just read, relaxed by the pool, did aqua Zumba , kickboxing Zumba ( yes after all the Zumba I am a Latina bodybuilder now, jk, still an awkward white girl ) , aqua fitness , a (downhill) hike, played this awesome game called CIA, made some pottery, painted some ceramics , made crayon art, raku-d (?) some pottery, made bracelets, made jewelry, creeped around campus with my sister, went on a zipline (YOLO) (btw I got a #yolo necklace, because I’m cool and its funny , boom ) , visited this village where I got this peace frogs water bottle and some cheap bass saddle shoes , broke my braces, watched reck it Ralph (OMG SO CUTE ) , wore leggings 24/7 and a hat ……that I’m going to be talking about tomorrow , went to their talent shows (my favorite act was this kid who was doing a robot dance to radioactive but was also scratching his crotch ….?) (I was laughing so hard and I think people thought I was psycho) , and I also wrote on my blog at midnight .

So yeah , pretty big week you may say , I tried to avoid kids group because I think people were either scared of me because I wore chokers, had black hair and bitchfaced in my family photo….. Or they thought I was weird because I was really close to my parents. I think they weren’t as annoying as usual because they had a lot of time to relax (and drink) , hey they weren’t going to drive anywhere so why not , I did give them a lot of room , bit they are actually really cool, I might regret saying this later because I will get really mad at this and they will see this , because its on the Internet, but right now they are pretty cool.
My dad is what tavi gevinson would consider a “cool dad” he listens to old rock (his favorite song is landslide by fleetwood Mac) listens to NPR, watches the daily show and Colbert report (prefers Jon stewert ) , he’s pretty funny (he’s Jewish ) and we can watch storage wars like all nights (it’s so addicting ) idk what tavi gevinson would say (WWTGS) about that .
My mom is pretty cool too , she tie-dyes, she’s a guniea pig lover, she plays the bango, she can make really big and kewl lanyards , she’s let’s me borrow (steal ) stuff from her closet and she’s a pretty big daredevil.
I mean c’mon , cut them some slack, they had to live through the disco age.

Enough of this , lets get to the reflecting , I didn’t feel like writing a long serious paragraph so I’m going to write a list.

1. Water Zumba is easier than regular Zumba
2. Kickboxing Zumba is a different story
3. You sweat very very hard in Zumba , even if you don’t look sexy and just look like a flailing turkey (*cough* me. *cough* )
4. Friends r kewl, I miss them (my baby birds are at the junior Olympics #swimmers )
5. Mindy kaling is in reck it Ralph
6. Black Leggings go with everything
7. The royal baby is a boy
8. Most of the bands at this this lake arrowhead village concert are cover bands
9. I’m vonfused about if I like chocolate mint tea or not
10. I’m pretty sure when I get older I’m gonna have an art gallery and make messed up pottery but it actually looks really cool like the one I made this week , ugghhh these kids said it was really ugly and said “we’ll someone messed up” (like all sassy) it’s so hard to explain art to kids .
11. My sister is helping me delete a ton of old photos on my insta cause they are really ugly, have no likes but have clever captions.
12. Follow me @julsfreed
13. My teletubbie / Snow White dwarf name is moody
14. When you play adult mafia (it’s a game here at camp) use a normal name that’s not yours. Mine was jj fresh cause I didn’t get the memo, next time it will be beyonce
15. I feel bad for blu ivy because she has very high expectations and no one can sing like beyonce so…….

Ok, there’s my reflections/facts/concerns and other things that came to mind this week. You happy


Techno Thursday : Lili’s vlog

Lili has a vlog….. AND OMG IT IS SO FUNNY AND TRUE AND AHHHH SO GOOD so I’m a little obsessed. It is so funny from her YouTube resume to her rant about cupholders at movie theaters. And her hair is red (btw, my hair was purple then black, now brown (ew brown is weird fml )



Top: me (juli)

There is only 3 videos so far. Beware: there is cursing so don’t show it to ur parents unless they are cool in that way.

Channel : liliseesthings

Favorite video : movie theatre rant

* lili did not pay me to say this

~ juli

Wise Wednesday (sorta) : impressing people &soul/body theory

Ok, so I’m sorry this is late.

So, impressing people, what does this even mean ? When you “step up your game ” for other people because…….they have eyes and memory. Usually my wise commentaries on life , ends with friends are cool, but yeah…. Sometimes I do try hard to impress my friends , it takes work to text something witty, cool and smart / clever . I guess this is where the soul/mind & body differ , the body (to me ) is more conscious and try’s to be more careful and the soul is more rebellious and would do anything, but since the body is one seen , you do what other people would think as acceptable. So what’s my problem ? Most people who read this probably think ” she has no insecurities (because she is so rad ) and she is so confident ” um well no. In “youngsters finish last ” I said that feeling comfortable with yourself is the key to the universe , which it is , when you have supportive people who make you feel that way. I think that I am 76% okay with myself . It pretty much matters on day/weather/environment /time of sleep I got/people/situation . In the movie an invisible sign mr. Jones wears a necklace everyday with a different number , the higher the number , the better he was feeling and lower numbers, the sadder he was feeling. I guess that was his way of trying to combine the soul and body. So in my philosophy course, there was this (fake) story of this guy who’s brain was taken out of his body and he was trying to find out what was him; the brain or the body? Most kids chose body , some kids chose brain but I thought both , they all work together to make him, if he thought that only one made him he would call it by his name (btw, I forgot the guys name , but he gave the body and the brain different names than his own) . I feel that my brain/mind/soul is different than my body , but their both me , so I give them one name , Juli. Maybe the brain is blue ivy and the body’s name is Pedro , but who cares !?! There’s one person your going to get, they may act differently , they may feel 100% insecure and not themselves, or maybe I would enjoy pushing my last year self off a cliff, but they are there.

If we are there, why is there a need to impress people ?
Well yeah if you’re sitting at a dinner table with Obama , than yeah impress him and the wonderful woman we are honored to call our First Lady, Michelle Obama. But what about the assholes we call teenage guys? ( I know not all of them are assholes , but I’m going with the average 13-14 year old , so stay with me ) why?
Because it almost feels like guys (but mostly girls ) are lurking hawks ready to smell the prey and then go gossip in their nest. Sometimes I’m all like “ahh don’t look at me right now I’m going to walk the other way ” but sometimes I’m like “why would they be obsessed with me right now ” . And then…..fml . I guess it’s just one of those wired phobias I have of being judged, being alone and having to stare at people and have some kind of weird staring contest . So when I’m walking I usually like to do something with my thumbs. Ok, this is getting way to off topic…..

Moral of the post : don’t go way to overboard with impressing people or else you might lose yourself, mind body and soul can work together , and don’t stare at people like a stalker when ur walking cause that’s ummmmm creepy

iTunes Tuesday : songs that get me pumped

So when I’m down or sad or annoyed…… Which is a lot…….so I like listening to songs or thinking of songs or singing songs or dancing ( in my room, by myself , hairbrush optional) to songs that make me feel…… Pumped. Like either a this is my jam or I’m way cooler that everyone else , get out of the way I feel like really mad in a good way

1. Countdown – beyonce — OMG favorite beyonce song , no joke

2. Fruit machine – the ting tings — this is just so amazing , boom

3. Cruise – Florida Georgia line — I just can’t explain ( yes, I hate the music video , did anyone realize how weird it was that he is actually kidnapping girls and its like no big deal….)

4. Pompeii – Bastille — yes

5. Check yes , Juliet – we the kings — it has a really good beat

6. National anthem , off to the races – lana del Rey — I bring out my inner fire ( or just awkward dancing)

7. Closer ( Bradley hale remix) – tegan and Sara — best remix

8. Anklebiters – paramore — THEY JUST ANNOUNCED THAT THEY ARE GOING ON TOUR!!!!!!

9. How to be a heartbreaker, bubblegum bitch – Marina and the diamonds — she’s so rad

10. Take a walk- passion pit — I just do this weird stomping thing

11. Any song from Zumba